Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Discombobulated post

Sometimes I wonder why I write. Writing does not always come so easy to me. Sometimes I have to decide what is decent enough to put here, sometimes I don't care, I have to write what's in my head and my heart.
Sometimes it is difficult to know what I can share here. But writing is like an exercise, the mind over the heart, but the heart over the mind, or the ability of both to go hand in hand.
Today I feel a little inadequate. Whomever thinks that nuns have it all together is wrong. Sometimes I get this feeling on inadequacy or aloofness. I had that feeling today as I greeted parents at the doors on the first day of school in the kindergarten. And reading a book for class today I read that our inability to connect to our feelings relates to our inability to connect of the feelings of others. I wonder why it happens sometimes. I've got to get over this fear of public speaking.

As you can see, my dear reader, life at the convent is not the easiest thing. Sometimes it can be pretty funny. I love the moments, like last night, when we got together to watch a movie. A very simple thing that made me very happy. I wasn't actually watching the movie...I was watching my sisters and wondering how I ever got here. I love them. I want to say that I love them 85% of the time, the remaining 15% is spent wondering how to get away. Just kidding! I love the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and I am lucky they are a part of my life and I am a part of theirs.

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Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Honest posts like this are the best I think...