Sunday, August 27, 2006


I feel so broken inside. Sylvia told me a few days ago that she is leaving the community. The reasons aren't important, the fact is that she is leaving. She already made up her mind and I can't help but feel so broken. There is no other word to describe how I feel.

With at least fifty other Sisters around and I can't help but feeling so alone, and she hasn't even left yet. There is so much beauty in being in formation with other people. I mean, I still have Theresa, but I won't have my companion to Saturday morning's menudo.

Sylvia: As I see you leave I want to sing, because crying causes pain. I want you to sing with me and to feel blessed because you gave the best of you, your heart.


Anonymous said...

My heart is broken, too! I will miss Sylvia! I am sad she didn't find enough to keep her heart alive with the community! I feel my call to be a Sister of the Incarnate Word is such an awesome call...and it is a gift! In so many ways, I didn't choose it, but it chose me! Or I should say, SOMEONE chose me! For myself I know, if I were the only Sister of the Incarnate Word in the whole world, I would stay and be that one! My prayers go with you, Sylvia! I am sure you will incarnate the presence of God wherever you go! I only wish you could feel it was with us!

Anonymous said...

Helga, I share your sadness at Sylvia's decision to leave the community. Having lived with her for several months, I have come to appreciate her presence at prayer, her generosity and sense of humor. I know she will continue to be that person wherever she goes. I will miss her being with us and I trust that her time with us has somehow been a blessing for her.
Rose Mirima