Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saint Patrick's Day at Incarnate Word Convent

Celebrating Saint Patrick's Day at Incarnate Word Convent is a tradition.
Today we had Mass with Irish service music. I really like "Lady of Kock." I'm not Irish but I get the chills when I hear that song. it's probably to the Irish as "La Guadalupana" is to the Mexican. Regardless, I put on a shamrock ring....How would you like it for my final profession?
At lunch we had Irish food (potatos, cabage, soda bread, etc. )
At three o'clock we have our usual coffee break but today we had a party! The Irish Sisters played Irish music and served Irish coffee and Irish bread. Even Our chaplain, Father Tom got into the Irish Spirit and put on a green t-shirt. The decorations in the dining room were beautiful. This map of Ireland is one of the posters on the walls.

This is Father Tom with his green t-shirt.

Sister Elizabeth, from Dublin, prepared Irish coffee for us. Doesn't she look pretty in green?
This is my novice director, Sister Maria Elizabeth...Irish as can be!

Sister Elizabeth (in green) and Sister Marian perform an Irish dance for us.
Enjoy the pictures and have a blessed Saint Patrick's
day. Here's the prayer of Saint Patrick:

Críost ar gach taobh díom; Críost amach romham;Críost taobh thiar díom; Mo dhídean sa ghá Críost I mo chroí istigh, Críost fúm is tharam;Críost do mo thacu, mo neart os cionn cách. Críost ar mo dheasláimh, Críost ar mo chlé dom; Críost I mo thimpeall, mo sciath is mo scáth. Críost I mo luí dom, Críost I mo shuí dom, Críost liom ar m'éirí, á adhradh gach lá.
Críost I ngach éinne a mbímse 'na intinn; Críost I ngach béal bhíonn ag labhairt liom nó fúm. Críost isna súile dhearcann im' éadan; Críost isna cluasa a éisteann lem'rún.

Christ be beside me, Christ be before me,Christ be behind me, King of my heart.Christ be within me, Christ be below me,Christ be above me, never to part.
Christ on my right hand, Christ on my left hand,Christ all around me, shield in the strife.Christ in my sleeping, Christ in my sitting,Christ in my rising, light of my heart.
Christ be in all hearts thinking about me,Christ be on all tongues telling of me.Christ be the vision in eyes that see me,In ears that hear me Christ ever be.

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