Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Caring for God's tiniest children

Last week we received a call from Fr. Vega, the chaplain at Driscoll Children's Hospital (two blocks from our place) He wanted to know if there were any retired Sisters who knew how to sew. He said the children at the hospital who are often born prematurely and due to their extremely small size there are no appropriate gowns, sleepers and other garments for them to wear. He also said that when babies die it is very hard for the parents to find burial layettes for their babes and in some cases babies are buried in hospital gowns too big for their size.

So, a few of us started to sew. One Sister is sewing hospital gowns, I am sewing burial layettes.

A big thanks to Patty from St. Louis for sending us a pattern from Newborns in Need. They are a charity that specializes in the needs of premature and newborn babies that are sick or in crisis. They donate baby items to hospitals, homeless shelters, crisis enters and other organization who provides for the needs of these tiny babes.

They provide warm sleepers, undershirts, gowns, hats, booties, etc.
Quilts, afghans and blankets

Burial layettes and memorial items

Baby hygene products

Toys and comfort items, etc.

The pattern is beautiful and very easy to follow. The pictures show the extremely small size of the gowns.

If there are any seamstresses out there, please give Newborns in Need a look. If you can't sew, then you can donate fabric, thread or many other items they need. Check out their website at

I am not able to meet with other people that sew for them (we will be sending our garments to our local hospital) but we are united in prayer and in love for God's tiniest children.


Sarah, OSB said...

Good morning Helga, thank you for sharing that wonderful ministry. What an honor to provide clothing for youngsters who are with the Lord, may it bear much fruit.

Helga said...

Hi Sarah! I'm praying for you as you prepare for your first monastic profession.

star said...

WOW! Helga, I love the new look of your blog!!!

Helga said...

Thanks, estrellita, I love it too!