Monday, July 30, 2007

Sin palabras

Being in Mexico City has been a rather moving experience. On the one side I see all the beautiful archtitecture and the splendor of a great city, on the other, I see in the subway so many desperately poor people that it just breaks my heart. I know that we talk a lot about the poor and about social justice and prayer and....but actually seeing them, face to face...It is quite an experience.

Yesterday we went to the Zocalo and on the way there, in the subway, an old man was sniffing something, he was clearly drugged, but there was such a look in his eyes. He was standing next to me until another man got up from his seat and gave it to me, and a group of other men, stood right in front of us, to protect us. There were no words said but the experience of those eyes will not leave me because they made an imprint in my soul.
I was asking myself, what is all this business about professing the Incarnation if I can not live it, if I can not see it in my broken brother, in the poverty of that man who could be my father? I kept asking me, what is in that heart? And I felt so powerless.
Later, we got to the Zocalo and then again, there were millions of people there. I am not kidding by saying millions. People were pressing everywhere and the four religious who went there had to hold each other`s hands and walk one behind the other, otherwise I would never see them again in that sea of people...There was a man who could not walk and was lying on his stomach in a little cart, I can not remember what they were called, but I had one as a child. He added a little motor to move about. Both his feet were gangrened. And again, I felt such a pain in my heart that it turned into actually physical pain. Have you ever hurt so much in your heart that the pain turns physical? That`s what I felt.
And then? What to do with that? How do I, as a religious of the Incarnate Word take that pain and make it life-giving? I`m still praying. But I wanted to write it so that the experience will never be forgotten. May God help us all and may the Incarnate Word help me to find Him in everywhere.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Greetings from Mexico City

It has been the longest since since I posted last. I have been in Mexico City since the beginning of July. I am studying at the Pontifical University. I have not had time for anything. I mean, studies are heavy with papers to write and all that good stuff. One of my professors a Friar from Spain, wrote most of the hyms for the Spanish Version of the Liturgy of the Hours. He has been writing poetry mostly every day for class. Today was my last class with him, but I still have a few more before I head back home for my canonical novitiate.
I forgot to mention that I am studying for a certificate program on Matelian Spirituality, that is, the Spirituality of our Foundress, Jeanne Chezard de Matel which is totally Incarnational.
I have learned so many good things that I can not think of what to share...Today we had Mass in Latin, the priest said that the Holy Father is asking religious communities to celebrate the Latin Mass often so that religious are more familiar with the language of the Church...I thought that was a funny coincidence that in class, one of the Professors said that God´s language was that of the heart....To each his own! I was totally confused during Mass but I was able to follow. Still, I like to understand what is being said.
In class we have a Sister from Africa who went for a quick three week course in Spanish and she is taking the class and writing papers! I believe this is her fourth or fifth language. Some people have an amazing ability for languages.
I want to learn French like our Mother Foundress learned Latin. She prayed to God saying: "If I could understand Latin I would read the Bible and love you even more." And one day God infused the knowledge...Can you all help me pray? If I knew French I would be able to read her original writings. Father said today that the language of the Spirit can only be expressed in your mother tongue....I agree. So, please pray for me that I can learn French, yeah, and Latin, why not...