Friday, July 20, 2007

Greetings from Mexico City

It has been the longest since since I posted last. I have been in Mexico City since the beginning of July. I am studying at the Pontifical University. I have not had time for anything. I mean, studies are heavy with papers to write and all that good stuff. One of my professors a Friar from Spain, wrote most of the hyms for the Spanish Version of the Liturgy of the Hours. He has been writing poetry mostly every day for class. Today was my last class with him, but I still have a few more before I head back home for my canonical novitiate.
I forgot to mention that I am studying for a certificate program on Matelian Spirituality, that is, the Spirituality of our Foundress, Jeanne Chezard de Matel which is totally Incarnational.
I have learned so many good things that I can not think of what to share...Today we had Mass in Latin, the priest said that the Holy Father is asking religious communities to celebrate the Latin Mass often so that religious are more familiar with the language of the Church...I thought that was a funny coincidence that in class, one of the Professors said that God´s language was that of the heart....To each his own! I was totally confused during Mass but I was able to follow. Still, I like to understand what is being said.
In class we have a Sister from Africa who went for a quick three week course in Spanish and she is taking the class and writing papers! I believe this is her fourth or fifth language. Some people have an amazing ability for languages.
I want to learn French like our Mother Foundress learned Latin. She prayed to God saying: "If I could understand Latin I would read the Bible and love you even more." And one day God infused the knowledge...Can you all help me pray? If I knew French I would be able to read her original writings. Father said today that the language of the Spirit can only be expressed in your mother tongue....I agree. So, please pray for me that I can learn French, yeah, and Latin, why not...


Elizabeth Ann Seton said...

Nice to hear from you! Good luck in your studies. French is a nice language - I studied it for five years. Good luck and keep up posted :)

yofed said...

I like to hear when someone wants to learn French, since it's my first language. If you really want to learn, you definitely can! I wish you luck! :)

Helga said...

Thank you both. I have been studying Italian, but I realize now that French would help me more.
Of course, actually starting to study would help. Someone said that Transparent Language is a good program. What do you say Yofed, what`s the best way to learn French, without actually going to live in France?