Friday, August 17, 2007

A New Novice!

On the Feast of the Assumption Postulant Theresa Nguyen entered the Novitiate. It was a beautiful ceremony.

For the gathering of the Assembly we sang: "Glorify the Lord, oh Jerusalem; praise your God oh Sion, for God has strengthened the bars of your gates, and He has blessed the Children within you...."

I love that! It was done in three voices (or at least we tried to do it in three voices...)

When asked why she wanted to enter the program, Theresa responded full of joy:

I wish to enter more deeply into the initiation program of this congregation so that I may help to form a community of worship, centered in the Person of the Incarnate Word, a community which, through its prayer and service will be a visible sign of the holiness of the Church.

To this the superior responded:

May you grow always in faith, in hope, and in charity, so that the life of the Church may be enriched by your endeavors and so that you may become an ever clearer sign to the world of the New Creation.

After the reading of Scripture, Sr. Irma our superior gave a beautiful homily in which she exhorted Theresa to deepen her prayer life and her relationship with God and with community. Then she gave the symbols of the novitiate: Constitutions, Directory, policy book and the veil by saying:

Receive this symbols of the Novitiate. May their use enable you to deepen your knowledge and understanding of our mission, to extend the Reign of God.

Through Baptism you died to sin and rose to a new life in Christ, now you wish to deepen that Baptismal Consecration by a life publicly given to God. May the title Sister which you receive be a constant reminder of your dedication to the Incarnate Word, through this community. Henceforth, instead of being called Theresa Nguyen, you will be known a Sister Theresa Nguyen.

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