Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Of my mother, poetry and novitiate

I called my mother last night. She heard good news from the cardiologist. No heart problems, only a little rheumatic pain. After I heard the news, my own pain that I've had in the center of my stomach, disappeared. I hadn't notice I had it until it was gone. Thanks be to God who is never outdone in generosity!

Among other things, I received this book where two
of my poems were published. As some know, I studied Lengua y Literatura Hispánica ( Hispanic Language and Literature) most people think it's just Spanish, but it isn't, it's different (I also have a minor in Translation which as been a lot more useful than the B.A.) Anyway, the literary magazine Novosantanderino published two of my poems.

I will translate one of them here.

To Rebeca's Eyes

Lost in the immensity

of night...

Navigating among stars

or maybe climbing the moons

of imagination...

Maybe breathing memories

and far-away smiles,

evoking the mockingbird

with the song of your soul...

Meanwhile, everything's calm,

the sun shines, the desert keeps silent,

your soul is motionless, your cup intact.


Linda Athis said...

Dear Helga,

So glad your Mom is OK and that you are feeling better. I went through a very similar situation with my Mom during her health decline. This Thanksgiving night is the first anniversary of her death. I've put up a blog about what I went through. Thought you might enjoy it.

sr betsy said...

Sorry to hear about your mother. I haven't posted for a while and am catching up on the news. I'll pray for your mother!!