Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry Christmas!

It's been a while since my last post. I have been home (where else could I be as a canonical novice?) I have been trying very hard to stay away from all the goodies we got from people, cookies, cakes, chocolates and all kinds of sweets. I have been praying that other people get to them before I do.

I have so much news I can't even remember now. Let me see..... we have a new Superior General, Sr. Michelle Marie, to be installed next summer, and we also have a whole set of counselors: Sr. Mary Ann, Sr. Martha, Sr. Barbara Marie and Sr. Esther. We had a retreat before the elections and then the Sisters went into the chapel to vote. I was blessed to be able to witness the whole process from the back of the chapel. Those of us who were not voting, sat at the back and prayed throughout the Chapter of Elections. One thing that we heard during the retreat was that with God all things are posible. And they are! We also were reminded of our Lady of Guadalupe and how, when she came to America, she came to give birth to a new people (Mestizos) and became mother of the Indigenous and Spaniards. I love that image because it is like our community. We are so diverse! And yet we are one at heart. I love this picture of Sr. New York and Sr. Vattman making tamales!

After the elections it was time to decorate our house and our Chapel. We had so much work I didn't even think of taking pictures. I also didn't take any pictures of Midnight Mass or Christmas Day Mass. I recently became an alto (I used to be a second soprano) and I really was more interested in singing the right notes and giving glory to God in the Highest in the right tempo, that the camera was the last thing in my mind.

For midnight mass we had a full house! Antoher tradition we have here is to get together and go caroling arond the house, with a candle procession (I didn't join this year, I was late) and then we go to chapel to sing carols for half and hour before Mass. This time we sang "Il est ne, le divin enfant", and two carols in Spanish (I played guitar with Sister Rosa) plus some of the really traditional golden oldies.

After Mass we went downstairs to enjoy our traditional tamales and other goodies. I made a cheese ball and spiced up crackers to go with it. Sisters from other houses also brought other cheese treats and crackers. I also had been baking for many days. And this was the day to put the cookies out. Now I just have to figure out how to stay away from all those leftover goodies.

The next day we had our Christmas party.
I took my camera this time but I was having such a good time I forgot to continue taking pictures. But I did manage to capture some of the "jewels" of our community.
Merry Christmas to all who read this and a most blessed 2008!
What are some of the traditions in your family, congregation, place?


Sr.Nicole Trahan said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Helga!
I'm glad to see that your celebrations have been so full of joy! That's great! I really enjoyed reading about your general admin elections (many prayers for your new Superior and Counselors).
I blogged a little about our Christmas traditions. Ours are a little more "small scale" since we are so few sisters in the US. But, full of joy none-the-less!
Many blessings to you and your community in the coming year!

Helga said...

Thanks! I'll take a look right now.

Sr.Nicole Trahan said...

Quick question, when do you profess vows?? If you're going to be in the San Antonio area in June, let me know. I'll send you an invitation...
By the way, thanks for your comment on my blog. You might be reading some of the same books I read during canonical year... And I agree. Personal prayer is a non-negotiable.

Helga said...

I still do not have a date (or a yes) but my time is up on August 15I will not be in the area, but I'm not that far. Maybe my director will have a novitiate field trip to San Antonio. Send it anyway and I'll cross my fingers :)

Anonymous said...

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