Thursday, January 31, 2008

I used to love this movie when I was a child. Of course it was already a classic when I was a child Ha Ha. I mean, you can see the sixties all over the place.

The song translates

"With an angel's smile, Sor YE-YE serves God,
With a constant joy, Sor YE-YE serves God
with a look that calms you,
With a simple prayer
with a modern prayer
with a song in her voice.

In a little convent she teaches
how to do good and
The children squeal happily
when Sor YE-YE arrives."

Pretty innocent, but I loved this song and I loved the movie. The scene is where her friends from "the world" come to visit her (she used to be their vocalist.) She had recorded a song that got them into a contest and they are trying to convince her to go sing at the Festival di Sanremo to make money for the orphanage the convent runs.

Check out the guy with the long hair. So funny!

Note: YE Ye is a style of pop music popular in France and Spain and Mexico in the sixties. The music has influences of soul, rhythm & blues and pop.

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