Sunday, February 03, 2008

World Consecrated Day, Jubilarians and a batch of marmalade

Today is the World Day of Consecrated Life. In our Diocese, here in Corpus Christi, we had a Mass at the Cathedral. I always dread this because we have to process in and I feel the whole world is looking at me (it's also televised....) Well, it's a bit prideful to think they are ALL looking at me since there are many, many other religious, but being a bit on the shy side, well, I can't help it.

During the Mass, the jubilarians in our Diocese were recognized for their years of service.

Our jubilarians were:

6o years

Sister Mary Stella Barrientes

Sister Margaret Patrice Bradley

Sister Mary Christina Bradley

Sister Mary Lucy Garcia

50 years

Sister Denise Cassidy

Sister Brenda Thompson

40 years

Sister Barbara Marie Netek

Congratulations to my nunnies! May they continue to serve the Incarnate Word and to be gospels of love.

I guess to celebrate the World Day of Consecrated Lilfe, I put out the February batch of marmalade and jelly. This month I made Sweet Carrot Marmalade and Apple Jelly.

As soon as I put them out today, the apple ones were gone. Thank God I took the picture before I put the note on the door. I was expecting people to buy marmalade tomorrow when they come to Mass but some of the nunnys bought the jelly to give to friends.

Back in the day when the Sisters were building this Convent and trying to raise the money to pay for it, Sister Raphael Bartosh and Sister Anselm Till stayed up late many nights to make jellies to sell. We used to have grape vines. They would tend the vines, pick the grapes, make jelly and then they would go sell it. It was a lot of work (I bet they made it in industrial amounts.) The very first time I attempted to make grapefruit marmalade I got stuck. I had put too much water and it wouldn't gel. Then the jars would not seal. I started then asking Sr. Raphael to be a guardian angel (she has gone to heaven now.)

So, this marmalade is in honor of those Sisters who worked hard, played fair and loved much. May God bless us and allow us to follow the wonderful example of the many who have gone before us and who wait for us in Heaven.

Praised be the Incarnate Word!


oblatofranciscano said...

feliz dia de la vida consagrada!
i was with my brothers in monterrey we took part in the marcha dela luz that the vicaria de vida consagrada put together ..can you imagine what is was like to march in down town monterrey right by the marco plaza during the evening trafic ( at 7 pm) on a a saturday...entre danzantes y consagrados y mucha porras...all the consecrated carried some form of light (we carried little lamps) there were danzantes who offered their dance and some carros with different communties on them( las monjas carmilitas..frailes..fuego nuevo) was awesome we then ended with a eucharist at the basilica de guadalupe ( there is one in monterrey) yesterday we had a vocational expostion in a parish in san pedro over 30 insitutes of consecrated life where there and many many youth.....CONSECRATED LIFE ROCKS!!! i prayed for you and for all consecrated men and women i know ! animo ! y feliz dia! ps had a chance to hear JESED!have you heard of them? it was awsome ....boy i wish iwould have taken more pics!paz y bien!

Dana said...

It was nice to talk to you again Mi Amiga. Hope all is peaceful at the convent. Since you like to drink coffee at 4:00am...I would love to make one of my "famous" cafe lattes for you when you visit Brownsville again. Perhaps sometime after August? However, I think I might have to make you one later on in the day! :) Miss you much Helga! Love, Dana

Helga said...

Hi Pablo!

No hevisto a JESED pero escucho su musica. Me gusta el CD de Santa Teresita del Nino Jesus. Feliz dia de la Vida Consagrada!

Helga said...

Hi Dana! Nice talking to you the other day. Know I keep on praying for you!

Sr Maria Dolorosa said...
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Christian said...

Wonderful Blog :) thankyou may God use all you write to bless many people ;)