Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter updates

It's been a long time. It has been busy here at the house these days. I did not post much during Lent. I wanted to keep more silence than usual, saving my thoughts for God, trying to hear Him more. Then the Triduum came and there was a lot of work at our Chapel, linens, ironing, flowers, Cross, etc.

Our services were beautiful. On Thursday the Superior General and her council washed feet before the Agape. It was a beautiful experience, not only the washing but the experience of family, the intimacy of washing feet and breaking bread together, as Jesus and the apostles. Then, after the supper, our Triduum retreat started. We had Mass, the transfer of the Blessed Sacrament and adoration.

Friday was a sad day. Even knowing that Saturday night the world will resound with Gloria's and Alleluias, the day is sad. I have a tape of the Stations of the Cross. It really is poetry, a romance, depicting Jesus' great love for us. It was written by Fr. Benjamin Sanchez Espinoza, a Mexican priest who first published his poetry under the pseudonym of Fra. Asinello (which I believe it means little donkey in Italian) I used this tape for meditation often during Lent and Good Friday. There is a frase that says in the first station: "You were condemned by two silences, one a silence of fear, one a silence of love" ....) I had a hard time moving on to the second station because the great love of Christ for us becomes so much more evident on Good Friday.

Saturday was again busy with preparations for Chapel. This year it was my honor to glorify the Cross. I chose to use birds as a theme for resurrection because to me they represent the freedom that through his death and resurrection Jesus gifted us with.

The music for Saturday night and Sunday was beautiful thanks to Sr. Kathleen, our choir director. One of these days I'm going to learn how to record digitally and how to upload so that I can brag about the beautiful voices of my Sisters.

Easter is here! Happy Resurrection time! May the words of the Exultet continue to make our hearts dance and to make us free to love and to serve our living Lord!

Happy Easter!