Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sr. Elizabeth and her mischief

Well, we're finally finished with Chapter. It was truly a gift and a blessing to be able to be present (even if I can not vote because I'm not finally professed.) The days were long (and there was lots and lots of sitting) but the conversation was good and just being there, with my nuns made the sitting seem like less.

One of the highlights of the week was Sr. Elizabeth playing a joke on Sr. Emma Marie. It all started because someone found an orphan rosary and Sr. Emma Marie said: "Oh, can I have it?" Some times I am outside or in a different placeo f hte house and I do not have my rosary with me..." So, Sr. Elizabeth, being so clever, went around the house, gathered A LOT of rosaries and taped them to her door with notes:

For 1st flor, for 2nd. floor, for 3rd floor, for laundry room, etc.

Of course, she was caught in fraganti by yours truly...and I happened to have a camera to capture her Irish humor...

Who said life in a convent was boring?
The prankster

Monday, June 23, 2008

The gift of a song...

The retreat is over! It was wonderful. I loved having complete silence in the house!

During the retreat I prayed before choosing the Readings for the Mass of my Profession day. Then, another day I was tring to choose the music. One of my readings is from the Book of Hosea. I did not want the song we all know..."Come back to me, with all your heart.." I feel it is too sad. So, half joking, half hoping I asked God before going to bed, "Could you gift me with a song tomorrow?" and then went to bed. The next day, the song came. The words and the music for it. Right now it has been recorded and Sr. Rose Miriam will help me with the notation. Then Sr. Therese Ann will help me with parts for clarinet and flute. I love community! There's always someone who knows how to do what you don't know how.

Here's my song:


Remember, oh Israel, I am the Lord your God, there is no other.
You shall love your God with all your heart ,with all your soul, and
with all your strength.

When you were a child, oh Israel,

I taught you how to walk,

I took you in my arms,

I wrapped you in tenderness.

How could I leave you? How could I abandon you? Oh Israel

It isn’t by chance,

it isn’t by mistake

That I love you,


Get up, then, my love! (the time is right)

It is time for singing, (sing with me)

The song of doves is heard in the fields.

Come out of your hiding, (come with me)

Let me hear your voice, (speak to me)

Let me see your face, my little dove.

Because I will win you back, oh Israel

I’ll take you to the desert,

I’ll speak to your heart.

And there you’ll respond to me (as in your youth)

And I’ll make a covenant with you,

I will espouse you in love and in mercy,

In faith and truth, in tenderness and justice.

I will espouse you in faithfulness today

And you will know that I’m your God,

And you’ll belong to me forever.


I will make rain fall on the earth,

I will gift you with abundance,

I will give you back your vineyards,

And a door of hope.

And in those days, people will say:

Let us rejoice,

Let us be glad,

Let us give him glory!

For the wedding Feast of the Lamb

Has just begun,

And his bride is ready to welcome Him.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The denim Quilt

The quilt for the brother has been finished! I am so excited that I finally made something that looks boyish. I have been acussed in the past of making girly stuff only. So, there, a quilt for a brother!

I am so glad I finished this last night because we start retreat on Sunday and then we have Chapter. That will leave me very little time to sew my black veil for my profession in August. I am so excited.

Among other good news, my friend Adriana will come from Costa Rica for my profession. Adriana and I have been pen pals since middle school. We have actually never met face to face. So, finally, after a little more than fifteen years we will meet. Please pray that Adriana does not have any trouble getting her visa to come to muy profession.

I will not be updating in the next two or three weeks, maybe four. I will be busy with the things of the lord.

I will be praying for all my readers during retreat.

Praised be the Incarnate Word!

(Now and forever more, amen.)

Friday, June 06, 2008

A few aprons...

Well, these days I have been working in the afternoons, trying to reduce the stash before I start teaching in August.

I made a few aprons from some denim garments that my friend Águeda brought me (in hopes of them being used for my brother's denim quilt) but they were so pretty that I decided to make parons instead.

I put these in our arts and crafts in the front office. One already sold.

I am also going to make a few for my classroom (little ones for my three year olds) in the practifal life section.