Friday, June 13, 2008

The denim Quilt

The quilt for the brother has been finished! I am so excited that I finally made something that looks boyish. I have been acussed in the past of making girly stuff only. So, there, a quilt for a brother!

I am so glad I finished this last night because we start retreat on Sunday and then we have Chapter. That will leave me very little time to sew my black veil for my profession in August. I am so excited.

Among other good news, my friend Adriana will come from Costa Rica for my profession. Adriana and I have been pen pals since middle school. We have actually never met face to face. So, finally, after a little more than fifteen years we will meet. Please pray that Adriana does not have any trouble getting her visa to come to muy profession.

I will not be updating in the next two or three weeks, maybe four. I will be busy with the things of the lord.

I will be praying for all my readers during retreat.

Praised be the Incarnate Word!

(Now and forever more, amen.)


Lisa said...

Helga, continued prayers and support during this time of more intense preparation for your profession of holy vows. Treasure this time of deep conversation with your Beloved! May you be filled with an overflowing awareness of His deep personal love for you and His joy at your "YES!"

sr betsy said...

Lovely quilt. Know that you are in my prayers.