Sunday, July 13, 2008

Countdown to profession

It's been quiet around here...I keep on praying, preparing for my First Profession. This waiting is hard to describe, the only thing I can compare it to is Advent...I feel like I'm hosting something inside, something precious that will need all my care...And while I wait, I'm waiting inside the heart of God...

Basically my life looks the same and yet it is not. There is something that happens inside that I can't explain...I think that as my certainty grows that this life is for me, that I could not be anything other than a Sister of the Incarnate Word, there is a soft warm breeze that fills me. I am changing. I am no longer a young girl in love with God, I am a young woman in love with God who knows she is God's beloved! And that certainty keeps on transforming me.

I have so much to say and yet I do not know how. The Sisters tell me I look serious these days, but I feel so full of God that I don't want to open my mouth, I want my eyes fixed on God, I want to enjoy and savor this warm feeling inside!
I was never much for the bridal imagery, and yet, this morning, as I sat in prayer, it came to me...I'm a bride! I'm giving myself totally to God.. it's for real....I'll be the Spouse of the Incarnate Word! (and the warm feeling gets warmer)
Please pray for me these days as I stand with my oil lamp, waiting......

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pablo said...

yes ....i can agree...a little different but i can agree;)