Sunday, July 20, 2008

The song is almost ready...

The song is almost ready. I want to use this opportunity to thank Sr. Rose Miriam Gansle, IWBS, for her amazing talent and patience in helping me to write my song into real music.

This song will be sung before Mass, like a sort of overture because it is not appropriate for Mass (I don't think.)

I do know it will help to prepare my heart for my FIAT. This song was a gift from God and it will be a gift from the Sisters, since it will be sung by them and the arrangements are still a mystery, but I know it will be beautiful.

After I finished writing the song, I looked closely at the words from Scripture. I loved the words: "I will give you back your vineyards and a door of hope."(Hosea 2:15) I was so touched that God is speaking to me directly, as if those words had been waiting for me since the beiginning of times.

Let me explain, I think I have said before that when I was growing up we had a vineyard. My earliest memories were of the leaves shining with the early morning dew...grapes remind me of my Grandmother's love, her Bible reading, her spontaneous prayer, her coffee cup and her mischievous smile...

The door of hope reminds me of the door to the backyard, where the vineyard was, where I could play and eat sour grapes until my tummy hurt, and then I would cross the door again to run to my grandmother, whom I afectionately called Mamá Ofelia (my mother was Mami Ofelia, how confusing can that be for a poor child?)

In this song, the door of hope, tells me that God is giving me back that door, to run back to him. The door of my freedom, the freedom I have found in Christ (See Galatians 5:1)

Please continue to pray for me...

Praised be the Incarnate Word!

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