Friday, June 12, 2009

I am still living

Thank you to those who wrote me a personal e-mail. I'm glad that sharing a bit of my journey has helped some.

I have been busy with ministry, formation, studies, prayer. I find that the longer I'm here, the more my responsibilities increase.

Right now I am in San Antonio, Texas, continuing studies for my MA in Theology. Right now I am taking Liturgy and Christology. The amount of reading is incredible. I daydream about the day when I can sleep and read some poetry.

These weeks, I am staying with our Sister community, another group of IWBS sisters from Victoria, Texas, stationed in San Antonio. I live down the street from the missions. I attend Mass every day at San Jose Mission Church This Mission was founded in 1720, I believe. (by the way, the picture is not mine, I found it online, credit goes to Hadassah28 from Flickr.)
The city is incrediby beautiful, and these days incredibly hot. I miss my sisters and I miss the bay's breeze.
Among other news, next year I will be teaching in Brownsville, TX. I had been teaching Montessori (3-6 year olds) this past year. Next year I will be teaching High school kids again. I am excited because Brownsville in my hometown, the place where my parents and siblings live and where my Alma Mater is found. I love Texas!
¡Que viva Tejas!


Lisa said...

Helga, mi hermana, I am so glad to hear from you! Continue to be well and full of grace.


Anonymous said...

no manches u are coming home to work at villa maria????


Helga said...

Bueno, mas o menos. Vivire ahi pero trabajare en St. Joseph's