Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oblate Trail Ride

The Oblate Trail Ride is a bicycle tour that follows along Military Highway in Brownsville. This is the area that the Oblates of Mary Immaculate traveled by horseback more than 100 years ago in order to provide spiritual and material help to the remote communities of the Rio Grande Valley.

There were 12, 25, 50, 62.5 and 115 miles. I only biked to the 12 mile stop. It was fun...and a bit painful since I am not a sports bike rider, I only ride to work and back. However, there was something beautiful happening inside me. At some point I was so tired (since I rode my princess bike, not really made for long rides) and I prayed. I said to those holy men "Come on Brother Oblates, you know what a sore butt feels like, help a Sister!" And I felt a surge of energy that allowed me to continue to mile 12.

The route was so long that I couldn't believe the Oblates traveled it by horseback in order to celebrate Mass. Those were holy men of God with hearts of gold. May God continue to bless the Oblates and may he grant them many vocations.

After this route I promised myself to go biking along that route more often. And next year, if I can get a hold of a road bike, the other cyclist will know that God is on my side (God is always here, they just couldn't tell because they went zoom! and were gone.) Seriously, I ate their dust. So, hopefully next year I will go to mile 50.
It was fun. God bless the Oblates!

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